Piccola Bear put on quite a show for the cam in Wild Enclosure #3.  It makes for a few minutes of chuckles as you watch the video.  It’s so interesting to see what bear cubs do when they are not aware of anyone around.  Click here to see the smallest ABR cub enjoying her playtime.  Then see Dash Bear enter the picture at the end of the video.  They are making tentative steps toward friendship.

Piccola Bear now shares her enclosure with Dash Bear.  As far as we know they haven’t met each other yet, but it’s interesting to see Piccola’s behavior.  Bears have such an amazing sense of smell that there is no doubt both of these bears are aware of each other.  For the first time, Piccola was up on the platform.  Maybe she was staking her claim to that piece of property?


Piccola Bear sitting on the platform.


We’d never seen her resting on the platform before.


Piccola is a small cub, but she is growing every day.


Piccola decides to go down and find a snack.


There must be food around somewhere.


A sip of water is a good idea.


Piccola finds an apple. Yum!


And there are some peanuts, too! Perfect for a late night snack.


OK, Piccola. Time for all good cubs to be in bed. Night-night.

The night vision on the enclosure cams allow us to see what the bears are doing in the middle of the night.  We’ve never been able to spy on their after-dark activities before.  Piccola Bear is a night-owl!

A big day for Dash Bear – she finally got out of the Red Roof Recovery Center and right into Wild Enclosure #3 where Piccola Bear is residing.  Here are the photos that tell the tale.


Here is Dash Bear in the last hour of her time in the Red Roof Recovery Center.

Although she had been a good patient, she was more than ready to be out!


The large transport carrier was placed at the door to the room in the center.


Curator Tom waited for Dash to enter. It didn’t take long.


Curators Coy and Tom carry Dash, in the carrier, out. She had some cuss words for them.


They loaded the carrier onto the ABR truck. She was still mad.


Carrier and Dash are secured. Dash is still cussing the humans out.


Almost to Acclimation Pen #3. If only she knew what was ahead…..


The gate to the Wild Enclosure was raised.


Dash lived up to her name by dashing out!


“Freedom at last!” Trees and grass!

Piccola climbed a tree when Dash entered the enclosure.  It will take some time for them to become friends.  Now all the ABR bears are in Wild Enclosures, where they will spend the remainder of their ABR time.

As usual, the Six-pack of cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 are busily eating and “chubbifying.”  They are doing a great job!


Chubby Willow Bear is playing hide and seek.


Willow and the gang looking hefty and healthy.


They forage all over the enclosure.


All six are seen at once in this shot.

Meanwhile, our yearling isn’t foraging so actively.  She has slowed down and is resting more.


Magnolia Bear relaxes in her tree.

Note: ignore the label “Dash Bear” on this photo of Magnolia.  Don’t know how it snuck in there.  Dash will be released into Piccola’s Wild Enclosure very soon.  Watch this space.

The bear cubs are growing their first winter coats, which make them appear to be fluffier and larger.  Of course, the quantities of food they consume help to make them appear larger, too.


Viola Bear looks much plumper and fluffy with her new winter coat.


Cherry Bear – her neck has disappeared into all the fur.


Willow and Viola Bear, and an unidentified cub.


Still small in stature, Piccola is filling out. She appears briefly and then vanishes.

The cubs are growing!  We won’t know their weights until release day, but we’re sure the weights will be healthy and impressive.


One of the favorite activities (and most important) for our bears is foraging and eating the foods that help them to grow strong.  Here we see some of the foraging by cubs and yearling.


Piccola Bear came out to forage for her dinner.


A few minutes later she disappeared into the underbrush. Bears are good at disappearing into shadows.

A cow, killed by a car, was donated to the bears.  Yearling Magnolia seemed to enjoy the change of diet.


Magnolia Bear came out to forage.


Magnolia enjoyed the new item on her menu.  She is getting rounder each day.


The Six-pack cubs had a chance to try the meat, also.

Bears are omnivorous, but their diet is about 85-90% plant-based.  In the wild, if a bear finds carrion it will be consumed for the additional protein and fat.  However, they don’t actively hunt animals for food.  As it happened, the cubs didn’t eat their meat until after it had “aged” in the 80-degree heat for a couple of days.  Then they ate it with relish.  To each his or her own taste preference!

We did a post all about Piccola, so today we will post about the other bears.  Even though all six of the Six-pack  cubs checked the Acclimation Pen the other day, looking for food in the Food Wheel, one of them decided to try again, in a spirit of optimism.


“Maybe there’s food in the Food Wheel today.”  I’ll check.


Heading over to the Food Wheel.


Nothing there, but there’s something on the floor to try.


Disappointed, the cub heads for the gate.


Not worth staying in here. Cub goes back outside.

Dash Bear was sleeping on the floor, next to her bed.  She can choose to sleep where she wants.


Dash Bear is bypassing her bed to sleep on the floor.

Yearling Magnolia is sleeping in her tree.


Magnolia Bear has filled out very well!

Another day at the ABR facility.  We can see that all the bears are looking good.