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The ten cubs at ABR are all doing what cubs do – and at this time of year they are doing a lot of foraging and eating. Here’s a recap of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2. There are actually six cubs in that enclosure, but it seems that more often than not only five show up in a photo. Whether it is the same one missing or not is hard to tell.

All of them are sleeping in groups on the platform, and are pointed out by the arrows.

A closeup of Dandelion Bear, asleep.
Four of them had a morning meeting while one foraged. Where is the sixth cub?
The meeting didn’t last long. Foraging continued. Cub 6 is still missing.
Wrestling occupies two of the cubs.
Off they go to forage.
In Wild Enclosure #3 a Beary Triplet is still fascinated and puzzled by the wrapped tree.
One of the Triplets decides to take a dip in the Cubby Pool.

In the Hartley House, Beignet Bear had fun destroying a “tent” of branches that Curator Coy had made for her.

Beignet sniffed and rubbed in the fragrant evergreen branches.

As we can see, all of the cubs are doing well. Thanks to the creativity and efforts of the curators, we’re glad to see Beignet accepting her convalescence. Hope her cooperation continues.

In today’s post we’ll show all of the cubs (almost – one of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 was hiding somewhere and couldn’t be seen). We think you’ll agree that they are looking mighty good. Some of the cubs were rather lazy today, but you can’t blame them since temperatures have been in the 90s.

Bluebeary was sleeping peacefully.
She started to wake up. Maybe she would get up…..
On second thought, even though night is turning into day, she decides to sleep like her brothers.
Most of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2. They don’t look too lively, so they?
The fifth one disappeared and here are the remaining four. One is energetic enough to climb a tree.
Jessamine stands beneath a tree.
Lazy Marigold chews on a twig.
Marigold’s sister, Bluebelle, is sleeping on the platform.
Beignet reclines to eat, like a Roman emperor.
Her newly cleaned room next door is ready for her.

The good news is that Beignet seems happier in the roomy Hartley House, much to the relief of the curators. She still has two more weeks before she can return to UTCVM to have the pins removed from her leg. Hopefully her X-rays will show complete healing and she will be able to go back to being an active bear.

Beignet Bear has been recuperating from her surgery to repair her broken leg . She has been in the Red Roof Recovery Center since the surgery at UT. Although she was cooperative and was a “patient patient” for the first couple of weeks, she reached the limits of her patience and let the curators know she wanted out! The UT vets gave permission for her to be moved into the new Cub House (aka the Hartley House).

Curators Coy and Ashley accomplished the move so that the bear cub will have more room.

Coy and Ashley positioned the carrier by the door from the Red Roof Recovery Center.
Curious, Beignet investigated the open door.
With little hesitation, she walked out the door and into the carrier.
The two curators loaded the carrier into the Cubmobile for the short trip to Hartley House.
Beignet has more space in the Hartley House, and more to explore.
Hopefully the added space will satisfy her for the remainder of the recovery period

It’s not easy to keep an active little bear cub from doing what is natural – climbing and playing. Everyone is hoping that she will give us the time she needs to recover. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to explain to her why this is necessary.

Those Beary Triplets are an interesting little family. We know about their wrestling that is pretty much non-stop. Now we see their persistence in trying to climb one of the trees in the enclosure that is wrapped with metal to keep cubs from climbing! Of course there are numerous trees that are not wrapped, but the Triplets decided that this particular, wrapped tree was somehow better than all of the others. They have been working on it for a while, and in this video they revealed their method of defeating the barrier. They must get credit for their cleverness, and their persistence in achieving their goal. Click here to watch the persistent Triplets.

It seems that hyperphagia has kicked in, judging by the amount of time our cubs are spending in the search for food and the eating thereof. They are devoting more and more of their time foraging and chomping, with much less dashing about and wrestling. Here is a video of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 that proves this point, and shows that they are definitely gaining weight. Click here to see all six of the cubs in various stages of chomping.

We’ve learned a new word to describe our chubbifying cubs – “chonky.” It even sounds like it means chubby, portly, just plain fat. So we’ll add it to our list of adjectives that describe cubs – like Boudreaux.

Now this is a chonky bear if we’ve ever seen one!
Yes, Boudreaux is certainly a big boy. He’s the largest cub in residence, we’re sure.
He is a confident, self-assured bear, the master of all he sees.
A study in contrasts – Boudreaux the largest, and Dandelion the smallest.

Boudreaux can rest or snooze wherever he likes. This doesn’t look too comfortable to us, but apparently it suits him. Look at the size of that paw!

Some packages arrived for Beignet Bear.

Look at the special new toys for our little patient, Beignet!

One of the toys, ready for Beignet Bear.
Beignet eating, while her “not a polar bear” toy waits in the bed.

Beignet is eating heartily. When she is released again, she may be the biggest bear in residence. The last time they were weighed, when the LA cubs were released into the Wild Enclosure, she was actually a pound heavier than her brother. Now, as she eats and doesn’t have a chance to do much exercising, she may continue to outweigh him. Time will tell – three weeks to go for her in the Red Roof Recovery Center.

While Beignet is confined to the Red Roof Recovery Center, her mates in the Wild Enclosure, the Beary Triplets, have been getting to know their new enclosure. We have a video to show them exploring and playing with the enrichment items that the curators have placed for their enjoyment. Of course, since it’s the Triplets, there is some wrestling taking place, and we see that they are utilizing the tire bridge as well as the new Cubby Hammock. Click here to see the Beary Triplets in their new digs.

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