For thousands of years, bears have fascinated and frightened us.  Humans have portrayed bears as spiritual beings, fierce predators, and cute teddy bears.  We expect all of them to behave in predictable ways, even though one reason we enjoy bears so much is precisely because they are wild creatures.  Bears are individuals, however, and simply because one bear acts in a certain way does not mean every other bear will behave in the same way.

No matter how cute or “tame” a black bear might look, it is important to remember that all black bears are wild animals whose strength warrants our respect.

2 Responses to “Safety”

  1. Hello WE here at Deer Ridge Mountain Resort would like to receive a box of your Bear Safe brochures. My manager and I would like to know how much these are at cost per box. Could someone please reply to this messege. Thank YOu, Sandee

    1. kathyanne Says:

      Please email our education folks directly at about getting our Bear Safe Brochures, Sandee.

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