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8 Responses to “ABR Website”

  1. Marion Pavur Says:

    Did you receive my donation of #2500.00 ?

  2. Marion Pavur Says:

    Please let me know you received it. It was cashed and I want to be sure it was you.

  3. Ruth Tuft Says:

    My daughter says that there was a bear cub at the Vet School today. Was it the little limping girl?

    1. kathyanne Says:

      Ruth, Sycamore (yearling) was the only ABR bear to go to the vet recently. He went there on Friday, when your daughter reported the visit to you.

  4. Pamela Gohs Says:

    I love your organization and how you help these wonderful bear cubs and yearlings get back into the wild where they need to be! I moved here to the Gatlinburg area and have been following you as much as i can but have trouble with facebook. Keep up the good work on Sycamore and all the bears in your care
    Pamela Gohs

    1. kathyanne Says:

      Thank you, Pamela. We are glad that we can post to this blog to let folks who have Facebook problems of one kind or another to follow our cubs on their way to recovery and release.


    Do you have photos of the available cubbies available for adoption? Interested in Peek-A-Boo, Spunky and Valentina.
    Janet Aleksa

    1. kathyanne Says:

      Email Lisa at She will be able to answer your question.I’m not sure if cubs from previous years are still available for adoption.
      Thanks for your interest in Appalachian Bear Rescue and our cubs!

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