It rained and Tartan Bear, our yearling in the wild enclosure, spent the night in the tree, as is customary for little bears, who feel safest there. When the rain stopped, he came down to eat.

Tartan looked for peanuts, his favorite snack. His sensitive nose can find them even in the tangled undergrowth.

The camera caught him in the middle of eating a peanut.

It feels good to scratch an itch! Tartan sat on the resting platform.

Later, Tartan took the Tire Bridge to get to his sleeping tree.

And off to bed he goes. G’night, Tartan!

There is Taco Bear; tired from his eating and playing, he sleeps on his big stuffed “mama” bear.

Good bear, Taco – he’s always a member of the clean bowl club!

We can see that our two bears are doing well in terms of their growth and development. Watch for new updates to come.