Taco the bear cub is busy in his Hartley House rooms. It’s amazing how hard he works to accomplish a goal. This story began during the night, when we find Taco sleeping, as usual, on his “Not a Polar Bear.”

Taco seems very comfortable on top of his bear. We can’t help but wonder if it seems like his mama bear, even though it is not a living creature.

He woke up in the middle of the night, and decided he needed a bowl in his bed.

He was determined, and kept at the task.

Oof! It was a big job for a tiny little bear!

But persistence pays off – Taco got the bowl over the side!

Success! Mission accomplished – Taco went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Tartan Bear remained on his branch in the tree.

He was right where he was yesterday, when we last saw him.

This was an interesting contrast in behavior, between the hard-working cub and the lazy yearling. What is next? No telling with young bears.