It was a very rainy day. Cubby Taco Bear is inside the Hartley House, so the rain has no effect on him. Yearling Tartan is outside in Wild Enclosure #2, and as usual he chose to remain on his favorite branch in his favorite tree to sleep during the storm.

Next morning, he was still there, asleep.

Meanwhile, Taco Bear is in his safe, dry room in Hartley House . . .

Taco slept on his “Not a Polar Bear.” The night vision camera renders the black bear as white, hence the polar bear reference.

Taco seems to have bonded with his big, stuffed bear.

Even when Taco is enhanced to show him better in daylight mode, it’s hard to see him next to the black stuffed bear.

His plumbing is working well, and his mama taught him to relieve himself outside the den area.

For such a tiny little cub, Taco Bear is showing some good skills already. We are sorry that he lost his mama, but we’re looking forward to watching him grow and develop at ABR. Stay tuned.