ABR admitted another bear – this one a COY (Cub of the Year) who was born in January, 2022. He is a little male, about three months old, weighing 3.63 pounds. His mother’s whereabouts are unknown. A family called TWRA and ABR to report a little cub crying in their yard. Before he was rescued, he moved to another yard and was reported by a second family. The TWRA officer who responded to the call was brand new, in her second week on the job, having moved from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Because he was actually rescued on Cinco de Mayo, he is nicknamed Taco Bear.

Taco Bear is able to lap his bear milk replacement formula and Pedialyte from a bowl, so he’s in the Hartley House rather than the Cub Nursery. Because it took so long to capture him, he didn’t go to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine until today. We’ll report on his exam when we have more information. For now, here is a picture of tiny Taco Bear.

He is a wee little bear cub, but so far seems to be in good health. We’ll see what the vets at UT have to report.

The 2022 season got off to a slow start, but now, with one yearling (Tartan) and one COY (Taco) it seems that the Class of 2022 is forming and will give us many moments of joy as these little bears grow and thrive.