Tartan Bear arrived at ABR as an underweight little yearling bear. That was then. After spending a month partaking of the feast at ABR, he looks quite different. This is now. Let’s look at his routine a couple of nights ago.

He had been in the underbrush all day, but like a good bear, he appeared around dusk.

He sat down on one of his daybeds,striking a thoughtful pose before foraging for his dinner.

He enjoys the giant salad bar his enclosure offers; there are tender leaves, and often the leaves are enhanced with protein (bugs). Yum!

He still fits through the tires on the Tire Bridge, although eventually he’ll find them pretty tight.

Of course he took a sip or two of the famous tire water.

He found some tasty morsel in the tire and ate it for a bedtime snack.

As he settled down to sleep, the night vision camera took over. See how plump he looks!

Completely relaxed, Tartan puts his feet up.

He went for a late night snack, walking the “balance beam” that supports the firehose hammock. Once again we see his excellent coordination and balance.

Doesn’t he look healthy and chubbified? No longer a 22-pound weakling!

Content, with a full tummy, Tartan looks very relaxed.

It’s no wonder that the curators are happy with his progress!

At the rate he is growing, Tartan will be ready to return home soon. All we have to do is wait until berries are ripening in the woods. He is good at foraging for his food.