Tartan Bear continues to take advantage of all the amenities in Wild Enclosure #2, where he is currently residing. We haven’t seen him actually swimming as yet, but he uses the rim of the Cubby Pool as a balance beam, and shows how very sure-footed he is.

He walks on the narrow rim with ease. Amazing balance!
He even reversed direction, walking backwards!
Instead of the Cubby Pool, Tartan uses the smaller Cub Tub for drinking and even for bathing.
He rests on the platform, where he slept for most of last night. The “Xs” show the daybeds that he tried out before settling down on the resting platform.
Here is one of Tartan’s neighbors in the enclosure. Many other critters enjoy sharing in the ABR buffet.
Another neighbor samples the goodies.
You may recall the mother bear with cubs who visited in late fall. It appeared that they might dig a den on our property, but after a couple of days they moved on, evidently finding another den site.
A few days ago, we saw this bear family. We think they are the same ones, and are glad to see that the yearlings all made it through the winter. Soon, their mother will chase them away to start lives on their own.

If our yearling, Tartan, had not become separated from his own mother earlier, he would be chased off soon, as well. It’s a fact of life for yearling bears.