Our ABR yearling, Tartan Bear, is using several trees, not just one. We wonder if he is trying to confuse the curators and us, or if he just likes to move around. He also has shown interest in the swingy ball, for the first time.

Tartan studies the swingy ball. He know it swings. Will he start to play?
First, a rest. Tartan lies on his back, showing his blaze.
Tartan is becoming harder to see since the trees are leafing out.
He climbs down to get some snacks.
He is using the resting platform now, as he becomes more at home in his enclosure.
Down he goes to forage on the ground.
This little bear has a very good appetite!
It’s easy to mistake a dark blob in a tree for a bear.
There is our yearling!
Tartan has used both of these trees, so we have to look carefully.

The little yearling is doing well. He is thriving with his healthy and nutritious food, and the safety of the enclosure. He will be ready to return to his wild home before we know it!