It was very foggy this morning, although Tartan Bear didn’t mind at all. We learned that he has another favorite resting place in his tree, above that branch where we usually see him! We realized this when we saw Tartan climbing down to his branch from above. Apparently the other branch is out of the camera’s range.

Here he comes from “up above!”
He spent some time playing with twigs near his branch. It’s good to see him play, because it means he is feeling better and doesn’t feel the need for constant eating that we saw a week or so ago.
Draping himself over the branch, Tartan slept and the fog started to melt away.
Tartan came down from the tree to forage for food. He is looking so much better! The good food is working its magic.

In May, the annual Smoky Mountain Highland Games will take place in Townsend. If you recall, Tartan’s name came as a result of his arrival on National Tartan Day, and it makes him at least an honorary Scot. So our ABR logo is being updated for this year in his honor. How do you like it?

All bear aficionados and followers of ABR are now members of Clan Bear!