In his enclosure explorations, Tartan Bear has passed by the Cubby Pool many times, but had not taken a drink from it or ventured into the water. Today that changed, as we will see. He is continuing to expand his use of the various amenities to be found.

Tartan rested on a platform. He avoided them at first, but is using them more now.
In fact, he slept for most of the night on the platform.
He gave a big stretch and yawn as he woke up.
Tartan walked by the Cubby Pool and looked at it again.
Look at that! He is going in!
Tartan is swimming in the pool!
He didn’t stay in the water for long, but at least he tried it out. When the weather is warmer, we suspect he’ll enjoy a longer swim.
He really seems to enjoy the firehose hammock.
A shower sent Tartan up to his branch in the tree.
In the morning, he was still there.

It seems like each day brings a new delight for our yearling bear. He is a fast learner! What next? Watch this space.