As we posted yesterday, Bear #347, nicknamed Tartan Bear, arrived at ABR from the park, where he was rescued. Here we see how his introduction to the facility played out.

Tartan in the staging area, lying on the scale. You may recall he weighed a little over 22 pounds.

Park Ranger Greg (former ABR curator) performs a quick assessment, assisted by Curators Coy and Bailey.
Ready to go to UTCVM.
Tartan had his official intake exam at UT. Dr. Sheldon and her team performed the exam. Tartan is healthy, but underweight.
Back at ABR, as soon as he recovered from the immobilization drug, Tartan looked for a way out! Good bear behavior!
Tartan ate his food and his meds.
He slept on and off during the night, but not on his bed. Beds are foreign to bears.
His plumbing seems to be working well.
Tartan snuggled up to the place where he can smell the outdoors. Perhaps he thinks the door may open.

It will take this little bear a few days to become accustomed to this strange, new place. We hope he will eat well and start to gain weight. Soon he will be out in a Wild Enclosure.