To help everyone remember the cubs (and yearling) of 2021, we are posting the Cub Class Chart. This chart lists all of the bears who actually resided at ABR during 2021 and lists when they arrived, their weights at arrival, where they were housed, and when they were released, again with their weights. It’s fascinating to compare those weights!

There were 20 bears in total, who are counted as “coming to ABR,” but of the 20, seven were successfully fostered to wild mothers in dens since they arrived very early in the year. Two others, sadly, did not make it all the way to ABR and passed away before they reached our facility. This meant that ABR cared for and rehabilitated ten cubs and one yearling who were released back into the wild.

This chart will help you to recall the members of the Class of 2021.

And now we can all await the arrival of the first member of the Class of 2022! Will it be a cub or a yearling? Your guess is as good as ours. Stay tuned.