Our yearling, Bud Bear, has proven to be a routine-oriented bear. He is following the same pattern of behavior each day.

Bud Bear has been sleeping on his daybed recently as long as it’s not snowing.
Morning came and he was still there, still asleep.
He entered the Acclimation Pen for a snack at the food wheel. It was about the same time as his snack yesterday.
Say what?
Bud is continuing to grow rounder. Look at his caboose!
Bud showed us what a good climber he is.
He stayed for a while behind the camera’s time stamp.
Down he came. He’s an agile tree-climber! As soon as he was down he lay down to take a short nap.
Bud makes the rounds of his enclosure.
Bud hasn’t done any more digging but he checks on his hole when he walks by.

Bud Bear is giving us a lesson in the winter behavior of a male bear. For the most part, they don’t enter dens, but choose to sleep for varying periods of time in daybeds. And, if they find some leftover nuts they take advantage of the snacks, just as Bud takes advantage of the food wheel. He will fit right into the program when he is released!