Bud Bear can’t be released into the wild until we stop getting snow. Our first snowstorm occurred just a few days ago, but more is on the way. So, for the time being, Bud Bear remains at ABR. Compared to just a few months ago, when there was a lot of activity in the enclosures, this week Bud has been very lethargic, sleepy, and is acting like a pre-hibernation bear.

He spends a lot of time in his culvert den.
After sleeping through the night, the morning sun shone on his nose,
He (sort of) got up.
He actually left his den, showing how round he is and how fluffy he looks with his winter coat.
Bud sat down. He still looks only half-awake.
Bud takes a drink from the Cub Tub.
Sometimes he sleeps in his daybed, by the base of a tree.
The next morning he was still there.
He woke up in the daybed.
Awake, but not for long . . .
. . . Zzzzzz – he fell asleep again.
Here is Bud’s current home away from home – Wild Enclosure #4.

The winter storm that’s on its way may delay Bud’s release further; time will tell. We just hope that our power will stay on and the internet service will continue!