The curators have constructed “dens” of various kinds in the Wild Enclosures, mostly out of culverts. Usually, the cubs and yearlings ignore these structures unless they are playing on them in the summer. But our resident (soon to be released) yearling, Bud, has adopted one of the culvert dens. This is likely because it is getting closer and closer to hibernation time, and Bud knows it!

As the arrows show, Bud is standing next to the culvert that is his adopted den.
We can see the length of his den, with arrows pointing to the front and back doors.
There he is, snug in his culvert den.
Hi, Bud! The glowing eyes give him away.
Bud had a long sleep inside his den.
He got up to use the facilities and get a drink.
Bud took a long drink from The Cub Tub. Bears are thirsty at this time of year.
He slept in the den for the rest of the night.
He turned over and slept on his back for a while.
What a big yawn!
Bud visits the Food Wheel in the Acclimation Pen. He now has pecans and acorns, in addition to the peanuts. He’s shown that he can crack and eat the harder nuts.

Up to the platform he goes. He’s still interested in what is on the other side of the fence, where he tore off some tarp.
He chews on the fence, but not in a frantic manner.
A few minutes in the Acclimation Pen is enough. Bud heads back outside.

Bud is a healthy and chonky yearling. He will definitely be ready to resume his wild life soon.