After our review of the ABR life of Hops Bear, who was the first cub to be admitted to ABR this year (in early April 2021) today’s post will tell you about the workup and release of this bear. Hops had a loyal and enthusiastic following.

An immobilized Hops is carried to the release staging area.
Hops is a beautiful bear cub.
The eyedrops that keep his eyes from drying out, make his eyes glisten.
Dental exam – he has lost some baby teeth and hasn’t grown in his adult teeth yet.
His furry paw.
His round ear, where his new ear tag will go.
The fur sample will be used along with others, to form a DNA database.
The eye mask protects him. Immobilized bears can’t blink.
Taking a paw print.
His back foot is in good shape to take him where he wants to go.
Hops is measured and weighed. He weighs 116.16 pounds – over 100 pounds gained while at ABR!
Exam over – Hops is carried to the transport carrier on the truck.
Hops is ready to go home.
He is starting to wake up. Bears must be fully conscious before they leave the facility.
The truck with Hops is ready to go.
At the release site, Hops jumps off of the truck.
Away he goes! Have a good life in the wild, Hops!
As he runs off, we get a last look at his nubbin. Goodbye, Hops! Good luck!

This concludes the cub releases for 2021. The only resident left at ABR is our yearling, Bud Bear. He will be with us for a few more weeks, so stay tuned!