Two boys from Kentucky were released on December 8th. We’ll take a look back at their days at ABR.

Barley arrived in April, at the age of 3 months.
He spent some time in the Cub Nursery with Hops.
Early days in the Hartley House.
Bourbon had arrived in late April.
Barley was out in Wild Enclosure #3.
Bourbon went out, too.
Three little cubs in the Wild Enclosure.
Wrestling was a favorite pastime, until Bourbon got too rough with Hops and was moved to Wild Enclosure #4.
Prost was a good match for Bourbon.
The group of cubs had fun together.
A healthy, chubby cub. ready to go home.
Barley filled the tire on the Tire Bridge. He was chubby and ready for release.
Barley carried to the staging area.
He is a handsome young bear.
He has a good set of teeth.
This foot will take him far.
Barley’s chest blaze is seen.
Curator Coy measures Barley’s foot.
The UT vet team assisted. Barley weighed 90.42 pounds!
Barley in the transport carrier, with the KY team standing by until he awakens.
Bourbon’s turn at the staging area.
Bourbon is ready for his exam.
He has good, strong teeth.
A big paw!
His foot is big enough to take him where he wants to go.
A new KY ear tag to replace the one he had at ABR.
Bourbon weighed 91.52 pounds!
Bourbon is ready to go as soon as he wakes up.
Late arrival in Kentucky. Bourbon is out of his carrier first.
First thing – up the nearest tree!
Goodbye, Bourbon! Stay safe and live long!
Barley comes out of his carrier.
He was just a blur as he exited.
There he goes! Goodbye, Barley!

The curators have been busy these past few days, and our bear population keeps diminishing. Soon it will be just our yearling, Bud. Stay tuned.