Two days ago, Bud Bear returned to the University of Tennessee Vet School for a follow-up to his intake exam in October. At that time, plates were inserted in his left front leg to repair the fractures caused by an auto accident. The good news is that his leg has healed and his leg is in good shape.

Bud voices his displeasure at being confined in the transport carrier/trap.
Bud was still cussing when the truck drove away with him on board.
He is a big little bear! Now Bud weighs 108 pounds!

There was another problem, though – his teeth. Bud had dental issues that needed to be addressed while he was at UT. It appeared that he had been eating human trash before he was hit by the car and ultimately rescued.

While he was sedated, Bud’s teeth and mouth were examined.
Dr. Lothamer gave Bud a thorough dental examination and found two major abscesses.
He extracted seven molars – three from one side of Bud’s mouth, and four from the other side. Unfortunately these are adult teeth, so they won’t grow back, but without treatment, they would have killed him! The vets assure us that he will still be able to live the life of a wild bear without those teeth.
While Bud was at UT, his rooms at the Hartley House were cleaned thoroughly.
When he was returned to Hartley House, Bud was still cussing.
Bud entered his clean room with his clean bed.
Bud will have to remain confined for another 30 days! He is on antibiotics, pain meds, and soft foods.

Bud Bear is one of the most patient and laid-back bears we have ever observed at ABR. We hope that he continues to be cooperative with the situation. The fact that it is late in the year and bears’ metabolism is slowing down may work in our favor with Bud. Watch this space.