Do you recall the “tub on a spring” aka the “Swingy Dinghy”? One of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 (Stout or Porter Bear) had a run-in with it recently. He decided to tip it over, a favorite pastime of cubs when confronted with a bowl or tub.

The cub approaches the Swingy Dinghy, clearly planning to tip it over.
He keeps trying, putting some muscle into the effort.
Now he’s pulling on it. We can see the effort he is expending!
Whew! This is hard work!
He shifts his position a bit, still trying to tip the tub by pulling on it.
Now he is pushing against the tub.
The spring is strong, but so is the cub.
Seems as though our cub is thwarted, at least for now. The spring held!

We are betting that this cub (Stout or Porter Bear) will not give up. He’ll try again, and may get his brother involved next time. Bear cubs are strong, but so is an industrial strength spring!