As we have reported recently, the cubs are winding down as winter approaches. There were several instances of sleepy, lethargic cubs today, and no one seemed to be very energetic.

Cosmo sits in a tire on the Tire Bridge (look how he fills it now!) while Hops and Barley snooze nearby.
Cosmo is awake, so he wants his friends to be awake, too.
Now that Barley is awake, Cosmo and Hops have left. Where did they go?
Lemon Drop seems to be having words with her brother, Cosmo.
Stout Bear surveys Wild Enclosure #1 from high up in a tree.
A sleepy Bourbon Bear is trying to wake up.
The cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 had a very important meeting.

There you have it – lethargic bear cubs wherever you look. If you were in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you would see lethargic bears there, too.