Just like their cousins in the wild, the cubs at ABR are slowing down and becoming more lethargic as the chilly weather signals that winter is coming soon.

Brothers Stout and Porter like to sleep in daybeds near their favorite tree. They seem to prefer this to the platform.
But when it’s cold, it is good to have a brother to help keep you warm.
Porter tries to wake Stout up.
No luck. Porter is still awake, but not Stout.
Time for a compromise – they go back to sleep.
Cubs in Enclosure #4 were up in trees on a blustery day.
Later, they slept over in Jessamine’s place.
Cubs in Enclosure #3 made a daybed in the middle of their thinning foliage.
In the morning they were still there, asleep.
They did come out to forage after a while.
Bud is sleeping a lot, which is just what his doctors at UT want him to do.

All the ABR bears are doing well. They are healthy and chubby, just as they should be.