Our last post focused on Bud Bear in the Hartley House, so today we turn our attention to the cubs who are outside in the enclosures.

Porter Bear hasn’t been at ABR very long, but he has made progress in chubbifying.
Porter took a swim in the Cubby Pool. His brother was nearby, but didn’t join him.
Look how plump Porter is! Good bear!
Three of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 look very healthy. We aren’t sure where the fourth cub is hiding.
Lemon Drop visits the Drinking Tub. Remember when the cubs were digging that trench by the water pipe that fills the tub? It is very much exposed. We hope they don’t dig it up before they leave!
She seems to have found something interesting in the Drinking Tub.
She definitely found something tasty. It’s anyone’s guess what it is, but she likes it.

Everyone is healthy and happy in ABR land. They are still eating and gaining weight.