As you know, sometimes our posts are about a certain event or series of photos that tell a story. Not so today – these images from the security cams are a random collection of “candid shots.” Everyone has a part to play in this non-sequential group of photos.

Still having fun with their Springy Tub (now renamed the Springy Dinghy) Stout and Porter Bear cooperate to get peanuts from it.
Barley Bear enjoys the hammock and platforms.
What do you suppose Hops Bear is looking for? Perhaps another peanut or grape shower!
Four cubs a-foraging to get even plumper than they are!
Bourbon Bear checks for treats under a log.
These tiny saplings are no match for Bourbon Bear!
Chubby Cheers Bear looks skyward.
Are these cubs or furry whales?
It’s a late breakfast for yearling Bud Bear.
A peanut break for Lemon Drop.
A peanut break for Stout.
Falling leaves = the fashionable nubbin fascinator.

Fall is a wonderful season! Our cubs are enjoying their first hyperphagia season, and the chance to eat more and more yummy foods.