We posted about Stout and Porter Bear pigging out on grapes, but they weren’t the only ones. Here are some of the other grape-eaters among the cubbies.

In the Hartley House, our injured yearling, Bud Bear is doing a lot of resting (he needs the rest) and eating grapes.
It was hard to see cubs in Wild Enclosure #3, before the arrow picked out a cub in a tree.
Soon, all four cubs were down for the grape fest.
The cub on the left is about to get nipped. Watch your nubbin, cubbie! The one in the circle is totally round.
This is what happens when a cub doesn’t watch its nubbin. Now it goes after the nubbin-nipper.
The cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 ate their grapes in an out of the way corner where it was hard to see them.

We think the cubs look larger every time we see them – in other words,every day! It won’t be long before the wildlife officers decide that they are ready for release. Watch this space.