We’ve written about the bear cubs eating nuts like acorns, chestnuts, and pecans recently, but a new favorite food has been added. Grapes! Not really new, because grapes were part of the summer fruit menu, but these are fall grapes, recently picked by some ABR volunteers at the invitation of some supporters who have extensive grapevines.

Here are the vines, loaded with grapes, that our volunteers visited to do the picking.
Curator Quanah, who helped with the grape harvesting. Look at the bounty!
Stout was experiencing a grape shower!
Porter started eating the grapes immediately.
Stout and Porter Bear have been trying out the Springy Tub.
The nine-month-old cubs are strong!
The Springy Tub offers a unique dining experience.
In this view, we couldn’t help but notice the large, plump caboose on the bear cub.
The two bears have tested the Springy Tub in a myriad of ways, but they haven’t defeated it (yet).

Any time there is a new piece of equipment, it’s interesting to see how the cubs approach it, and how they test it. Often, the equipment doesn’t hold up. This time it seems as though the curators have scored with this Springy Tub. Time will tell. Stay tuned.