The cubs at ABR continue to put on weight by eating almost constantly. Fortunately, the curators are able to satisfy their demands for more and more food. They eat all day and then continue into the night.

Please note that these photos of Stout and Porter are mislabeled on the photos, which read “Hops” rather than “Stout” and Porter Bear.

The brothers forage during the night.
Stout (not Hops) and Porter forage late into the night.
Stout (not Hops) and his brother, Porter kept at it all night!
Finally the two cubs, Stout (not Hops) and Porter take a nap break, separate from each other.
Later on, the two brothers were napping close together.
One of the chonky cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 (we don’t know who it is).
Three chonky, chubby cubs in Wild Enclosure #3.
In Wild Enclosure #4, the cubs continued to eat during the night.
The Caboose Curvature Arrow measures the curve of cubbies’ cabooses.
Bud, the yearling, is taking his meds and eating his food. The vets and curators are hopeful that he will make a complete recovery from his injury.

It’s not quite as exciting to watch the bears at this time of year when hyperphagia compels them to spend almost all their time eating, but that’s the way it goes during fall, leading up to their releases. Keep watching.