Bud Bear, our injured yearling who was hit by a car before coming to ABR, is getting better as he recuperates in the Hartley House. He has the whole place to himself, and the three rooms are all accessible to him. As a 21-month-old bear who had never been confined before, it must be stressful for him, but with his injuries we hope that he will be able to tolerate his confinement long enough to make real progress.

We think Bud is catching on to the routine, as he seems to be waiting at the door of this room. Is it time for a meal?
He has gone from Room 1 into Room 2.
This is the third room, where the curators put his meds in a bowl, separated from the other food and water in his other rooms.
Good bear! Bud come into the “medicine room” and is taking his meds. Wonder what else is in the bowl to make it tasty.

In our next post we’ll have some photos of the other two newest residents – Stout and Porter Bear – who arrived about the same time as Bud. They are doing well in Wild Enclosure #1. Stay tuned.