As you know, Ken La Valley, the official ABR photographer, stops by the facility each month to take photos of our residents. ABR has designated January 22nd as the “official” birthdate for each of the bears who come to us for care. On October 22 the eight cubs were nine months old. But at that same time, we received two more cubs and a yearling! Today we have the birthday portraits of the eight cubs who were on site, but the images for the two additional cubs and the yearling are from the security cam. Here for your enjoyment are the bears in the ABR Class of 2021.

Barley Bear is now 9 months old!
Hops Bear is now 9 months old. He was the first of our cubs to arrive in the spring.
Cosmo Bear is nine months old. He is the brother of Lemon Drop.
Lemon Drop Bear is Cosmo’s sister. They look so much alike!
Cheers Bear is the sister of Prost. They are both nine months old!
Prost Bear looks a lot like his sister, Cheers. They are nine months old now!
Bourbon Bear is another 9-month-old cub.
India Bear is nine months old now. She is a chonky girl!

Those cubs are what we might call the “original” cubs. Here are the newbies.

Brothers Stout and Porter Bear are nine months old, too.
Finally, our yearling, Bud Bear, is now 21 months old! Here he is in the Hartley House. He looks like a person with a bare arm outside of his blanket.

There you have it – the Class of 2021. Watch this space for daily updates on all of the bears.