It was raining, so of course the cubs spent the day in the trees. But this being hyperphagia season, they had to come down in between the showers, to get their foraging and eating done.

Three of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 are foraging. They are chubbifying nicely.
The cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 foraged, also, and one of them took a drink. Bears need to drink a lot of water as they are eating such large amounts of food.
Without the help of the arrows, we would hardly notice the cubs, with the exception of cub red arrow.
One of the (rather large) cubs is headed for food!Two others are still hidden in the trees.
Off the three cubs go – to parts unknown, we suspect. No doubt where there is more food for them to find.
This was before the arrival of the newest cubs. Stout and Porter Bear were still in Hartley House.
The two brothers were busy eating! They did a lot of that.
Meanwhile, the curators were busy preparing Wild Enclosure #1 for Stout and Porter.

As you’ve seen, the last few days have been very busy at ABR, with the arrival of two cubs and an injured yearling. Keep watching, to see what happens next.