We have mentioned before that there are a number of other critters, besides the cubs, who inhabit the ABR Wild Enclosures and enjoy partaking of the bounty of food that the curators throw out for the chubbifying of our bears. To start things off today, we have a nighttime photo of flying squirrels! These are very cute little critters, and it’s fun to see them fly (actually, glide) from tree to tree or from a tree to the ground.

If you’ve never seen them “in real life,” flying squirrels are almost as small as chipmunks, and their fur is shiny and silky-looking. Like the other wildlife living at ABR, they like the nuts that are fed to the cubs and they also chubbify.
Flying squirrels are nocturnal; bear cubs can be nocturnal sometimes, especially in hyperphagia season!
Oh my! Prost Bear is getting to be very chonky!
Over in Wild Enclosure #3, Hops took a break from foraging and tried to rip up the firehose border from the platform. He soon got bored and went to find something else to do.
Cosmo Bear was resting his chonky self at the base of a tree.
Unsurprisingly, Hops came to visit.
And unsurprisingly, the two cubs started to wrestle.
Cosmo and Hops wrestled around the tree (or were they playing “ring around the tree trunk?)
Hops became bored (again) and walked away.
Morning found Cosmo and Lemon Drop resting together on the resting platform. They look as though they had a tough night.
Lemon Drop chomped on her brother’s ear, “Wake up, Cosmo!”
Getting up slowly.
Cosmo decided he was hungry and needed a snack.
As soon as Cosmo left, Lemon Drop moved over to take his place. Close to the tree trunk is the favorite spot!

Another day with the ABR bear cubs. It’s interesting to see their relationships change and develop while we also get to see them foraging and getting bigger. What’s next? Watch this space.