Black bears have excellent night vision, and the enclosure cams at ABR capture the antics of the cubs at all hours. We saw some nighttime shenanigans recently in Wild Enclosure #3, starring Cosmo and Hops Bear.

Cosmo Bear settled down in a tire on the Tire Bridge – a very good (and popular) place to sleep.
Guess who came by? Hops, of course!
Hops is intent on waking Cosmo up.
Hops bugs Cosmo by biting his foot, tickling his tummy, and being a general pest.
Hops was generally annoying. What a pest!
Cosmo had enough and left the scene.
What’s the matter? Don’t go away mad!
Now that Cosmo is gone, Hops has the tire all to himself. This particular tire is the one used most often on the Tire Bridge.
But in typical cub fashion, now that he has it, Hops doesn’t want it anymore.
In the morning, Hops visited the hole that Cosmo had started to dig a couple of days ago.
Hops did a little more digging while he was there. If you recall, Cosmo started to dig because he smelled something. Perhaps it was the cache of a chipmunk.
The chipmunks at ABR partake of the feast of nuts that is part of the bears’ food. Chipmunks become portly like bear cubs!

The chipmunks, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife that happen to live within the ABR facility are fortunate, indeed. They reap the bounty of the nuts, fruits, and other tasty treats that the curators provide for the cubs.