We’ve seen the cubs doing many different things in their enclosures, from swimming, to wrestling, to tree climbing, to playing on the Tire Bridge. Then there was digging, which was a new activity the other day.

No cubs appear in this photo, but the rock figures prominently in the ensuing tale.
Three of the four cubs come a-foraging through Wild Enclosure #3.
Passing by the rock, Cosmo stopped suddenly. He smelled something! Knowing how a cub’s mind works during hyperphagia, it must have been something that smelled like food!
Cosmo digs and digs some more.
Cosmo and his hole.
Hops wants to join in on the digging.
Cosmo is not pleased. He has his rights! It was his idea, and his hole!
Two cubs doing something attract a third, of course.
Three chonky, digging cubs.
Two cubs lose interest and move on.
Cosmo was the last one to leave the excavation site. When he moved on, he was chewing something, so his project must have been a success.
Here is the resultant cubby hole. Good work, cubs!

We can’t help but wonder if they will return to the dig tomorrow or another day. Time will tell.