Yes, the cubs are definitely chonkifying (or chubbifying, if you prefer). And with their noses to the ground day and night, it will continue, we are sure!

Cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 are foraging diligently. Don’t know why the caption omits Cheers, since all four are in the photo.
Cosmo was focused on – something – that held his interest. He was so still he looked like a topiary plant, black instead of green.
Just like kids, the other cubs want what Cosmo has.
Hops and Cosmo battle for possession of – whatever it is.
Hops was the winner, and Cosmo joined Barley to continue foraging.
Just like kids (again) now that he has it, Hops doesn’t want it. He goes over to see what the others have.

Isn’t it funny how much similarity there is between bear cubs and human cubs i.e., children?