When Hops Bear decided to take a long nap on the resting platform and Tire Bridge, it set off a chain of events that were quite funny.

Hops settled down for a snooze on the resting platform.
For some reason, he decided to move his bed to the Tire Bridge.
He settled in and then the bridge got busy. By the way, look how he fills the tire!
Hops stretches out – it’s so comfy this way!
Uh-oh! The bridge moves! Traffic is coming.
Hops expresses his opinion of oncoming traffic. Pffft!
It’s Barley, asking Hops to move so he can get by.
When Hops refuses to move, Barley gives him a chomp!
Barley hasn’t passed by, and here comes Cosmo. He wants Hops to move, too.
Hops is holding his ground (and staying put in the tire). The two cubs nip each other.
Then Cosmo walks right over Hops.
He has to climb around on the tree to bypass Hops!
Final words were spoken – probably not friendly words, though we couldn’t understand them.
In Wild Enclosure #3, it was a much calmer day, as the four cubs simply foraged near their pool.

If you looked at the cubs in these pictures, especially the larger pictures of Hops and his rivals for the tire, you must have noticed that they are looking much chonkier each time we see them. They are doing a great job of chubbification!How much fatter will they get? Watch this space!