The cubs at ABR, now 8 months old,are growing, chubbier by the day. They are also learning how to care for themselves, which includes grooming and getting rid of insects. In other words, they are growing up!

Cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 forage by their pool.
Prost Bear has a method that requires little to no energy expenditure.
Sploot and eat. Very efficient if you are trying to gain weight!
These cubs are becoming very chonky.
The cubs in Enclosure #3 are just as chonky. No way can two fit in a tire now.
Barley tries to get Cosmo to move, even giving him a kick on his ample behind.
Cosmo moves over to harass Hops.
Barley is left to groom himself.
Look how chonky Barley is! It looks like he is proud of himself, doesn’t it?
Barley keeps scratching. Hops seems annoyed.
Hops is going to move. He gets ready to go down to forage. Look how he fills the tire!

All eight of the cubs are continuing to add weight and get chonkier and chonkier! How big will they be before they are released? Stay tuned.