It seems as though the cubs are filling their fur “suits” to the extent that they will need a new, larger size or a zipper added, though we aren’t sure how either of those could be accomplished.

Midnight, and some of the cubs are sleeping.
One cub (Hops Bear) can’t sleep,so he simply must wake the others!
Off he goes on his waking-up mission.
After an hour or so, all the cubs are awake. Now it’s time to eat!
In the other Enclosure, daylight finds the chubby cubs foraging.
It’s nose to the ground and nubbin in the air, as they clean the area like little furry vacuums.
This is an activity at which all cubs excel!
Look at Cosmo Bear! He takes a (short) break from eating and we can see how portly he has become. Good bear!

Although we see this every year, it never ceases to amaze that the cubs, who started their ABR lives as tiny little balls of fur come to this time of year and are chubby, chonky, and portly!The better to survive the winter and hibernation, of course!