India Bear is gradually integrating into the Wild Enclosure #4 gang. She (and the other three) have taken it slow and easy, one day at a time. Now the cubs are sharing the resting platforms at night, as these photos show.

India and Cheers were sharing the platform, when Bourbon came down from above. The two girls let him join their sleepover.
Bourbon Bear went to sleep on the left; Cheers is on the right; we can see India’s legs as she crosses the Tire Bridge to join Bourbon. We don’t know where Prost is.
In Enclosure #3, a cub is testing to see if he/she still fits in the hollow log. Looks like a pretty tight squeeze! We remember when the cubs could run through that log!
Is this a long, dachshund-bear? No, it’s Hops’ hind end and Barley’s nose end!
Three of the four cubs in W.E.#4 cool off in the Cubby Pool.
Out of the water, it’s easy to see how well they are chubbifying!

It looks as though hyperphagia is having the desired effect. The cubs are getting plumper by the day.