Another month – another birthday celebration!

As you know, ABR has chosen January 22 as the official birthday of every cub and yearling who comes to us for help. This date is approximately in the middle of possible birth dates for bear cubs. So on September 22, 2021 we celebrated the 8-month birthday of the class of 2021. Here are some recent photos of them.

Three bears – Hops (#333), Cosmo (#338), and Lemon Drop (#337) are 8 months old!

Barley Bear is 8 months old!
The siblings, Prost and Cheers, are 8 months old!

Bourbon Bear is 8 months old!
India Bear, the latest arrival, is 8 months old! She looks lonely in her enclosure. Hopefully she can be introduced to others soon.

As we have said before, each month in a bear cub’s first year is a milestone worthy of a celebration. We are happy that our cubs have made it through their first eight months of life, and hopeful that they will celebrate many more of these milestones. Happy birthday to all bear cubs and bears everywhere!