We’ve seen that when it rains the cubs usually retreat to the upper branches of trees and stay there. This rainy day was no different. No cubs were visible for most of the day. Finally, however, we did see some of our ursine residents.

In Wild Enclosure #1, India Bear, having just been released into the enclosure, made an appearance on the platform.

She seems to be smiling her approval of being outdoors again.

In Wild Enclosure #3, the boys – Hops, Barley, and Cosmo, eventually braved the weather to forage in the rain.

Do these cubs look healthy, or what? We’d say they are looking quite plump!
Up above, Lemon Drop sat in the branches of a tree, looking down at the boys. We wonder if the tongue out is her assessment of the weather, or what.

The cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 did not show themselves at all. Maybe next time . . . watch this space.