Now that the cubs are exhibiting hyperphagia, we will review what is on their menu. We’re sure you will agree that it sounds quite tasty (except for a couple of items, that is).

In both of the Wild Enclosures, the curators are serving acorns, whole peanuts, pecans, apples, bear diet pellets, pears, peaches, nectarines, figs, and fresh water.

In the Hartley House, India Bear is dining on whole peanuts, bear diet pellets, acorns, pecans, apples, peaches, grapes, honeycomb, yogurt, mealworms, peanut butter, and fresh water.

Judging by their enthusiasm for eating the foods, we are sure they would give a round of applause to the chefs!

Question to ponder – how many cubs are relaxing on the platform in this picture?
Lemon Drop Bear waiting for service. She is chubbifying nicely!
Cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 are foraging, even in their pool!
India enjoys getting treats (peanut butter, honeycomb, mealworms) from her treat ball.

It won’t be long before India joins the three cubs in Wild Enclosure #4. We can’t wait to see how she fits in with the group. Stay tuned.