We thought our cub population, which has remained at 7 cubs since June, was through growing, but a surprise happened with the rescue of another female cub the same age from the Gatlinburg area of TN. Each rescue is different, but this one was more unusual than most. Visitors staying in a rental cabin noticed a cub next to a deceased (sibling) cub for over a twenty-four hour period, with no sign of a mother bear. Concerned, the visitors contacted authorities, and TWRA decided that under these strange circumstances it was necessary to intervene and rescue the living cub.

Taken to UT College of Veterinary Medicine, the deceased cub will be given a complete necropsy to determine the cause of death, and our Cub #341 (nicknamed India) was given a thorough exam, including blood tests, while Curator Quanah waited. India weighs 36.5 pounds and is in good health. It appears that the mama bear was doing a good job; the mystery is what happened to her and to the sibling, who had no outward signs of injury.

India Bear is currently in the Hartley House, where she will spend a few days until finishing the deworming regimen. Then, the plan is to release her into Wild Enclosure #4 to join Prost, Cheers, and Bourbon.

Seven-month-old Cub #341, India Bear is healthy.

We never know what to expect from one week to the next, but ABR is always ready to help a cub in need. Welcome, India Bear! It will be fun to watch how she integrates into the cub population already at ABR.