From one day to the next, the diligence of the cubs can vary greatly. Yesterday everyone seemed to be busy with a project, but today is, well, another day.

Cosmo relaxes in The Cubby Pool, showing off his handsome profile.
The water pipe in Wild Enclosure #3 is still intriguing, but no one is working on it today.
In Wild Enclosure #4, Cheers does seem to be working on a sapling. It is very bendy – will she succeed in breaking it?
Prost and Bourbon in, Enclosure #4, are dancing to their own kind of music.
The three cubs are getting along well and are thriving together.

It’s good news that Bourbon has integrated into the enclosure with the siblings and things remain basically peaceful. His aggressiveness toward Hops in Wild Enclosure #3 was worrisome.