Today we will visit the four bear cubs residing in Wild Enclosure #3 – Hops, Barley, Cosmo, and Lemon Drop. These seven-month-old cubs stay busy and seem to be getting along very well.

Hops, the first cub of the year to come to ABR, studies the Cubby Pool, looking for tasty floating things.
That’s Hops, in the Drinking Tub (we don’t know who the other cub is). Hops has been seen in the pool, but still seems to prefer the smaller drinking tub that is just his size.
All four of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 appear in this image. Hops is soaking, while the others are foraging.
Lemon Drop (yellow arrow) is a true water bear. She may be part dolphin, in fact. Hops still likes to keep his foot anchored on the Safety Log.
It looks like Hops is shaking paws with Lemon Drop, but a moment later he started to pummel her. Bear cubs are fickle!

It was a relaxing and very warm day at ABR. The cubs are thriving, as we can see.