As you know, each month we celebrate another birthday milestone for our little cubs. Today (August 22) is their seven-month-old birthday. This is based on the somewhat arbitrary date of January 22 that ABR has designated as the birthday of every bear that comes through our gates. January 22 is approximately in the middle of the possible birth dates of bears, which is why we chose it. Here are the seven little 7-month-old cubs.

Hops is seven months old today. He still likes apples, and his fur is growing back.
Barley is seven months old today. Too bad we can’t see his chest blaze in this shot.
Lemon Drop is the only female in Wild Enclosure #3. She’s seven months old.
Cosmo, brother of Lemon Drop, is seven months old today.
Bourbon Bear is seven months old today.
Finally, Prost and Cheers share a birthday treat of peanuts and apples. They are seven months old today!

We wish our seven cubs a happy birthday, and also hope that our previous residents are doing well and enjoying their birthdays wherever they may be. Happy birthday, bears!