We knew that the calm we wrote about last time wouldn’t last, and it didn’t. The next day, there was plenty of action (read: fighting, wrestling) going on in Wild Enclosure #3.

It began with an innocent little cub, Hops, beside a patch of woods.
Attack! It’s Lemon Drop, who was hiding in the woods.
Hops and Lemon Drop don’t see the other cubs. Where are they?
Lemon Drop hides on the platform.
An attack can just as likely come from above.
Brother Cosmo comes, but not to help her, he’s joining in on the attack.
Chomp! Barley attacks Cosmo from the back.
The three Cubby Combatants.
Lemon Drop takes a breather while the two boys chew on their feet.
Hops arrives on the scene, wondering what he has missed.

As we said at the beginning, we knew the calm wouldn’t last. It’s the mixture of occasional calm with frequent chaos that keeps things interesting. What will tomorrow bring? Come back and find out.