Things are unusually calm at ABR, as Bourbon settles into Wild Enclosure #4, with no issues. Of course, as we mentioned before, the cubs had “met” via their noses, when they were next door neighbors, so it wasn’t as if a total stranger appeared.

A curator got this photo of all three cubs on Summitt’s branch.
Cropping the photo makes it easier to see where the cubs are. The blue and green arrows are for the siblings; Bourbon’s arrow is red.
Cheers may think she’s hiding, but we can see her!
The three cubs are getting along pretty well. Here they are on the platform.
The cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 foraged.
They like this area, near the Forbidden Tree, where they have a daybed.
All four of these cubs are doing well. It seems more peaceful since Bourbon left.
Barley has excellent balance.
Lemon Drop eats, using the back of her paw as her plate.

It’s nice to see peace and tranquility reign in the Wild Enclosures, at least for a while. Tomorrow may look very different. Only time will tell.