Some days are better than others for giving us photos to share. On this particular day, Lemon Drop was the only cub to make an appearance in the morning.

Lemon Drop came down to forage.
She went back up on the platform. Judging by the fact that she kept looking up into the trees, it is likely that her friends were still up there.
Every so often, the cubs investigate the Forbidden Tree, to see if it’s climbable now (No, it’s not).
There are other wildlife neighbors who are often seen in the enclosures. They like the food, too.

And, since ABR is in prime bear habitat, we often see Visitor Bears in the area, probably attracted by the food smells.

This Visitor Bear came by around midnight.
Another Visitor Bear was seen in the morning. The double fencing keeps them out.
That bear reversed direction and went the other way, but was still blocked from getting in.
Here is another Visitor Bear, checking the fence line.
A fourth Visitor Bear came by, but kept walking.

As we said at the start, some days we don’t have many photos of cubs to share. But there are always some bears that we can show you. Maybe we’ll have more of the cubbies next time.